KSB Pumps and Filters - Ekurhuleni

Design - 2022
Anticipated Construction - 2022

The goal of this project, located within the industrial area of Germiston in Ekurhuleni, aims at converting two outdated industrial structures into modern office buildings surrounded with an attractive landscape.

Some of the existing factory structures have been already demolished, leaving only selected steel structures and an industrial concrete floor on the ground. The existing structures will be incorporated into the landscape design, repurposing their functions into attractive and functional feature. The existing concrete floor will be partially removed and relocated within the site, creating room for soft landscape treatment.

A large water feature with three connected pools and a centrally located roofed gazebo, will provide an opportunity to the Client, who manufactures industrial pump and filter products, to display and promote some of their products.

A large, underground cistern has been designed for harvesting rainwater from the roofs of the buildings and all hard and soft landscaped areas. The collected and pre-filtered runoff will be used for landscape irrigation system; compensating evaporation loss in the water feature; for all pump demonstrations at a specially designated facility; and for selected uses at the office building.

The soft landscape at this site will consist of mostly indigenous plants that are drought resistant and provide attractive setting throughout the year.