Elsburg Park - Community Park with Constructed Wetland - Ekurhuleni

Design - 2018
Construction - 2019/20

Elsburg Park, located at the edge of Cinderella Dam Lake, has been re-developed to protect the lake from polluted runoff flowing from the neighbourhood and to provide recreational amenity to the local residents and students from the adjacent school. In addition, a large portion of the park grounds was infested with alien invasive species that had to be removed. The
project was designed to be implemented in two phases.

The first phase had been completed in 2020 and included the following:
• removing of the invasive species
• removing concrete aprons from the existing drainage channels
• installation of innovative trash catchments structures
• planting the reshaped banks and floor of the channels with bio-filtration plant material
• installation of selected portions of pedestrian trails with picnic pads and benches throughout the park, which invites visitors to explore its grounds and promotes active recreation.