Cemeteries masterplanning - Putfontein and Koppiesfontein - Ekurhuleni

Design - 2021

Various religions and associated with them burial traditions play a significant part in the process of developing a masterplan for cemeteries. Considerations for easy wayfinding to the graves; accessibility for vehicles and associated parking space; administration and maintenance of the grounds; safety of the visitors together with addressing stormwater management issues; completing environmental and geotechnical studies; investigating demographics of the adjacent communities and resolving a number of technical issues are only some of the critical elements that have to be resolved during the initial stage of the design process.
Unique needs of various ethnic groups that will be burying their relatives and friends, combined with their vision of dignity for the deceased, require a thorough analysis of their cultural background. The final masterplan must resolve all of the above issues, while providing an aesthetic and economically viable solution that will be gradually implemented over a long period of time, until the cemetery will reach its full capacity.

The 58 ha Koppiesfontein Cemetery is proposed to be located halfway between Vosloorus and Heidelberg - two communities with uniquely different traditions and ethnic background. The masterplan for the cemetery provides ±116,000 burial sites, with all amenities serving both communities. The design of the grounds is based on the fusion of two themes - ‘assegai’ a southern Africa’s traditional spear and the symbol of infinity. A gently sloping site provides an opportunity to incorporate an attractive view of the terrain located far beyond the cemetery grounds, which provokes sense of peace and serenity.



The masterplan for Putfontein Cemetery, proposes a new, 32 ha burial grounds that are located at the north boundaries of Benoni. This design provides ± 60,000 burial sites, all requires amenities, ample parking at the main entry and throughout the grounds. The masterplan also incorporates an existing wetland area, adapting it into an ecological sanctuary for local wildlife.

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The existing graves at Koppiesfontein.