Boksburg Lake Rehabilitation - Ekurhuleni

Design - 2019

Boksburg Lake was man-made in the early 1900’s and over the years has run into significant problems with the substantial accumulation of organic sediments on the lake floor and with various types of water pollution.

LASquare, working in a team with Kamadi Consulting and SRK Engineering, developed a new masterplan for the rehabilitation of the lake. The proposed solution implements a variety of engineered and natural methods that will gradually remove the organic sedimentation, eliminate pollutants from the water, minimize future accumulation of organic and mineral deposits and restore a healthy ecological balance of the water that will improve conditions for wildlife in the lake and its perimeter.

Water aerators installed on the lake surface will gradually oxidize its water and remove the majority of the organic sediment from its floor. A system of trash catchments installed at all storm drainage outflows will reduce future accumulation of waste.

An introduction of floating islands and the construction of planted islands along the lake perimeter allows for an increased bio-filtration process. A system of small pumps will force water circulation in the lake to ensure that all these interventions continue to improve the quality of whole body of water in the lake.



View of the existing Boksburg Lake

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