Designing infrastructures for sport requires good understanding of the particular requirements of each sport discipline. These requirements include not only very rigorous regulations set by individual sport organizations but also need to satisfy site engineering and environmental conditions at the selected site.

Through the years of our experience in designing for various sport disciplines, LASquare gained expertise in providing sport facilities consultation services as well as leadership in team efforts for the production of working drawings, related technical reviews and support during the construction period. Working together with sport organizations, coaches, players, local authorities and communities as well as associated professional engineers (electrical, geotechnical, structural, etc) we gained expertise allowing us to provide a comprehensive consulting services and professional design for sport disciplines such as; tennis, lacrosse, track-and-field, various playfields, bowling, skateboarding, BMX, horseback riding, etc.

Our projects installed in western Canada serve professional sport organizations, education facilities, and amateur sport enthusiasts.

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