Mvezo - Mandela's museum

Client - SA Ministry of Environment
Design - 2020 , Construction - 2021






Mvezo is the birth place of Mandela. The existing museum and associated facilities needed modernizing and improvements to this World tourism destination.

LASquare in conjunction with Silverhorns Consulting and MVE Engineering was commissioned to design a new entry feature to the site, a new park adjacent to the existing Welcome Centre; parking area for the visitors; improve the storm water management infrastructure and create a friendly setting for the visitors while protecting and/or improving local environment conditions.

LASquare provided the landscape architectural design and construction drawings for the entire area.

The project recently completed its approval process and construction of the Phase 1 will start in early 2021. 


Brakpan Cemetery

Client - City of Ekurchuleni
Completed - 2020

The Brakpan Cemetery expansion project was aimed at increasing burial space and restoring the sanctity of the cemetery.

LASquare in conjunction with Kamadi Consulting was commissioned to incorporate the pockets of under-utilized areas along the southern and eastern sections of the cemetery to include new grave sites and to include memorial walls for residents who are opting for alternative burial methods.

The expansion included the planting of a rich tree canopy, improving security with a concrete palisade fence, constructing a paved road network with parking, and the installation of new water and sewer lines in preparation for the new ablution facilities. The curved rows of the memorial walls in dark stone (shown here still under construction) are separated by green-lawned pathways to provide for quiet reflection in the cemetery.


Tsakane - Highway beautification

Client - City of Ekurhuleni
Completed - 2020



The upgrading and beautification of the highway was to improve the aesthetics along the intersections and improve way finding.

LASquare working in conjunction with Kamadi Consulting was commissioned for the landscape design and the management of the construction process. The design elements embraced the corporate identity of the City of Ekuruhleni, ensured that traffic was not disrupted and that the informal vendors were accommodated.

The project entailed the installation of decorative walls in the colours of the city’s logo, patterned paving, trees and drought tolerant, indigenous  groundcovers. The striking walls are embedded among the attractive landscape that is protected from cars and provides for a well-functioning intersection that warmly welcomes residents and visitors into Tsakane

Welgedacht Community Park

Client - City of Ekurhuleni
Completed - 2019





This new park built in the heart of Welgedacht transformed an unused open area into a vibrant playground. LASquare design provided a multi-functional facility that provides a picnic area, pedestrian and bicycle pathways connecting two parks and new recreation nodes for children and active youth.

The installation included solar lighting, new play equipment and an outdoor fitness gym. The play area is set in partial shade, provided by existing and new trees. Playing children are protected by a fence and a set of bollards. Soft landscape is complemented by paved pathways and seating areas furnished with benches, bins and braai (BBQ) stands.

The project ensured that the community were consulted from the outset and were beneficiaries of the jobs created during


Congo Park - Vosloorus

Client - City of Ekurhuleni
Completed - 2019




This new neighborhood park Vosloorus is adjacent to a public school and provided much needed recreational amenity to the community. LASquare design provided a multi-functional park that provides a multi-sports court, picnic area,  playground, skate park and outdoor gym area for children and active youth.

Reshaping of this land and creating a raised platform in the center of the park, allows for good visibility in to the entire site, improving its safety. The subgrades at this site contain a lot of large boulders that were utilized to create an informal play and recreation area